Travelling Players Fund

It is always an honour to be selected to play for your region, a chance to showcase your talents and play a sport you love.  With selection comes travel, with travel comes costs and as an association we don’t want to see players turn down these opportunities due to a shortage of funds.

Through the KBA Travelling Players Fund, we would like to be able to support any of our players travelling nationally and internationally to tournaments.

Funds will be distributed to the players throughout the year as they embark on their basketball journey.

Please contact info@kaiparabasketball.com for more details on how to donate to this fund.

Hardship Fund

In every community kids want a chance to play sport.  Unfortunately, some families simply cannot afford the registration fees for their child to play organised sport.

The benefits of sport participation are well documented.  Playing basketball builds bone strength, promotes cardiovascular health, boosts the immune system and provides strength training, supports mental development, better coordination and motor skills and helps develop self-discipline and concentration, improves awareness of space and body, and best of all it boosts confidence, leadership and teamwork skills.

Through the KBA Hardship Fund, families dealing with financial difficulties have one less expense to worry about; they can ensure their kids have an even playing field when it comes to accessibility to the great game of basketball.  That’s why the KBA’s Hardship Fund was started, and that’s why funds are continually made available to ensure everyone who wants to play, can!

Please contact info@kaiparabasketball.com for more details on how to donate to this worthy fund.