Senior Men's Competition

Venue:  Mangawhai Gym

Time:  6 PM, Thursdays

Start Date:  4 August 2022


  1. Big Birds
  2. Phat Jordans
  3. Grizzlies
  4. Faunty Ballers
  5. Cold Handles
  6. Hakaru Hammerheads

Good luck teams!

Round 6

Mangawhai Men's Senior League Round 6 Results and Writeup:

Game 1: Faunty 76 vs Grizzlies 70

The defensive tap was turned off as Faunty and Grizzlies participated in a shoot out for the ages. The Grizzlies came out guns blazing, with Rodney Prictor and Danyon Tana copping multiple shots in their mouth over the first half of the game. Led by their big three Jeremiah Guevara, Jack Pennefather and Jack Millerchen the grizzlies ran the much faunted older team ragged. However, the Faunty team proved to have just enough to squeeze home with JJ Barea fan Danyon Tana coming up clutch down the stretch.

Jack Pennefather 20-10-2-2-4

Jack Millerchen 12-2-10-1-0

Jeremiah Guevara 17-2-1-4-1

Danyon Tana 13-9-11-4-1

Game 2: Phat Jordans 34 vs Baby Birds 36

In an absolute cliff-hanger the baby Birds came out on top vs the Phat Jordans. The difference between the teams was Heriwini Hohepa who willed his team to victory. Defensive lockdown Mitch Richmond was ecstatic after the game. “This will likely give us a Semi-final against the Hammerheads. We feel we have their number; I have locked Kalem down once this season, in a Semi-Final I will clamp him up real nice”.

Game 3: Hakaru Hammerheads vs Cold Handles

Without Mid-range maestro Zane Torkington, CH came into this game heavy underdogs, but they were able to take it to a sluggish Hammerheads line-up with both teams close, going into the half. James Hogan was dominant all over the court and Tim Fuller was everywhere. Enter seasoned vet Kalem Tana, who took over the game from both ends of the floor dropping scintillating dimes and evening threatening to challenge Connor Van Connor van Dalsum’s steals record, however he came up short with a measly 9 steals. In the end it was the Hammerheads dominance on the boards which got them through with Nikola and Alex Manuel combining for 28 rebounds between them.

Round 5

Mangawhai Men's Senior League Round 5 Results and Stats:

Game 1: Hammerheads 70 vs Grizzlies 49

Kalem Tana 17-6-6-0-1 & Three 3pm

Blake Worsfold 12-18-2-2-2

Alex Manuel 9-17-2-5-2

Nikola Milovanovic Hakim 23-8-5-2-0 & Three 3pm

Jeremiah Guevara 12-3-3-4-2

Game 2: Baby Birds 52 vs Cold Handles 24

Heriwini Hohepa 20-6-2-1-1

Todd Herman 15-10-2-0-1

Game 3: Faunty 56 vs Phat Jordans 47

Derek 19-7-2-2-1 & Three 3pm

Danyon Tana 20-3-4-0-0 & Five 3pm

Lucas Mennenga 4-7-0-0-7

Round 4

Mangawhai Men's Senior League Results and Writeup:

Game 1: Grizzlies 59 vs Cold Handles 70

In a free scoring affair, the Grizzlies and Cold Handles entertained the crowd with points coming in bunches. Led by young PG Jeremiah Guevara and three-point marksmen Jack Millerchen, the Grizzlies led for much of the first half. However, as the game wore on the older Handles team wore the youngsters down. The story of the game was William Lumbus setting a league record 24 rebounds. He was a menace around the hoop outmuscling both the young Grizzlies team and at times his own teammates alah, Russell Westbrook. If it wasn’t for the Cold Handles poor start to the season, Lumbus would be making serious MVP noise.

Game 2: Faunty 48 vs Big Birds 30

After coming up clutch the week before against the Hammerheads Faunty consolidated themselves as title favourites with a convincing win against the Big Birds. Player Coach Danyon Thibodeau has made a concerted effort to get his full squad humming as they build towards the finals. Former KBA steals leader Connor Van Dalsum showed he is starting to round into the form that had him named in the All-Rookie team back in 2017, and Nubby Critchfield hustled hard engaging in a great two way battle with Big Birds lockdown and current steals leader Mitch “Richmond” Northin.

Game 3: Hammerheads 51 vs Phat Jordans 41

The Hammerheads came in hungry for a win after losing to the much-vaunted Faunty the week before. Both the Phat Jordan’s and Hammerheads were rocked by season ending injuries to key players. The Hammerheads lost Serbian sensation Marko-Kajce Tanaskovic while the Phat Jordans came into the game without dominant big man Kere Harnett. It was a tight defensive affair, with both teams locking in and denying easy looks. Derek Sauer was dangerous from deep and directed his team well. The scores were locked up heading into the 4th, however the Hammerheads turned the screws late and timely late buckets from Nikola Milovanovic and veteran swiss army knife Blake Worsfold sealed the win.

Lines of the Night:

William Lumbus 26-24-0-5-0

Heriwini Hohepa 19-9-1-3-1


Mangawhai Beach School

6.15pm: Hammerheads vs Grizzlies

7.15pm Big Birds vs Cold Handles

8.15pm: Phat Jordans vs Faunty

Round 2

Mangawhai Men's Senior League Round 2 Results and Writeup:

The 2nd Round of the comp wrapped up with three teams unbeaten.

Game 1: Phat Jordan's 47 vs Grizzlies 29

The experienced Phat Jordan lineup proved too strong for the young Grizzlies team. Twin towers Kenny and Simon proved again that opposition teams will get nothing easy in the paint.

Game 2: Hakaru 50 vs Baby Birds 23

Hakaru came into the game rolling 9 players deep. The constant impact of fresh legs proved too much for the baby Birds who looked stuck in the sand for most of game... Equipped with a blend of experience and youth the Hammerheads can throw in young 6'5 Alex Manuel, and 47 year old gritty defensive player Bevan Thomas. Play of the night went to another young player Isaiah Pere, who delivered a gorgeous spin move which left lockdown defender Mitchell Northin grasping at thin air.

Game 3: Cold Handles vs Faunty

Much like the Hammerheads, Faunty came into the game with a full platoon. Player coach Danyon Tana has a team of young legs and they ran the older Cold Handles team off the court. A special mention must go out to Big man William Lumbus who set a new league record with 21 rebounds. He couldn't be stopped on the glass and was looking like a 6ft white Dennis Rodman

Lines of the Night:

Alex Manuel 10-11-1-1-2

Marco Tanaskovic 8-7-4-3-0

William Lumbus 4-21-1-2-0

Lucas Mennenga 13-6-5


Mangawhai Beach School

6.15pm: Hammerheads vs Faunty

7.15pm Cold Handles vs Fat Jordans

8.15pm: Grizzlies vs Baby Birds

Round 1

Big Birds vs Phat Jordans

Grizzlies vs Faunty Ballers

Cold Handles vs Hakaru Hammerheads

Results and Writeup

It was an entertaining first round of the Kaipara Senior mens competition, with the injection of new players giving the league a more competitive look. Big thank you to our refs Charlene Masiutama and Irimei Grey.

Game 1: Baby Birds 39 vs Phat Jordan's 47.

The first game between The Baby Birds and Phat Jordan's was a humdinger, with both teams trading blows and leads through the first three quarters. In the end it was the Phat Jordans who eeked out a tight victory, despite the heroic efforts of veteran campaigner Jesse 'Caruso' Goffeney.

Game 2: Faunty 58 Grizzlies 50

The second game was a more free flowing affair with the young Grizzlies team from Wellsford almost causing a boilover against preseason favourites, the Faunty ballers. Led by Andrei Kirilenko clone Jack Pennefather and 3-point bomber Jack Millerchen the Grizzlies played at a fast pace and exposed glaring holes in the faunty D. Player Coach Danyon Tana will be looking to shore that up when they play the Cold Handles this week.

Game 3: Hammerheads 62 vs Cold Handles 36

The Hammerheads came in looking for vengeance against the reigning champs and delivered an all-round performance. GM Blake Worsfold and Coach Kalem Tana made some savvy offseason moves. Accusations of tampering from William Lumbus, were quickly washed away as soon as the likes of Isaiah Pere, and the Serbain combo of Tanaskovic Marko-Kajce and Nikola Milovanovic Hakim hit the court. Asked after the game for his thoughts Tana mused, "We needed to send a message to the champs".

Lines of the Night:

Jesse Goffeney : 10-3-2-1-5 (Two 3pm)

Jack Pennefather: 10-4-2-4-4

Jack Millerchen: 20-7-1-1-0 (Four 3pm)

Danyon Tana: 15-7-9-2-0

Nikola Milovanovic Hakim 17-10-3-2-0 ((three 3pm)

Alex Manuell 10-9-1-0-3

Blake Worsfold 6-11-4-3-1


Mangawhai Beach School

6.15pm: Grizzlies vs Phat Jordans

7.15pm Hammerheads vs Big Birds

8.15pm: Faunty vs Cold Handles